Server Rate's and Info's

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Server Rate's and Info's

Post  =ADM=KingOwnage on Sun 9 May - 19:50

Server Features
Interlude Server
Experience: x500
SP: x500
Adena Drop:x5
Spoil : x1
Enchant: 65%
Blessed Enchant:70%

Elven Ruins (There can get Enria and Mantras for Buy Apella Armors)
Elven Fortress (There can get the L][Vulcan0 Fire for Buy Weapons and Jewels)

GmShop:Sells everything usefull
Custom shop :

> L2Gold Weapons < ( Halisha , Lady's Fan , Cudgel , Trident , Doll Knife and more )
> Shields < ( Reflect 100% working , Evasion Shield , Dusk Shield )
> Apella Armors <

Global Gatekeeper
No clan penalty if you delete or leave clan *
No weight penalty
Oly works 100%
Sieges 100%
LS chance 20%(default)
skills 98%
Good Balancing between Classes
Skills Are Auto-Learn
Wedding System
Noblesse System
Augmentation System
2 Hours buffs
Accounts are Auto-Creating !
We guarantie no wipes.

You can freely bring your friends
We guarantie no wipes.

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